About Equiwent:A German Organisation,

a non profitable animal organisation in East Europe.


2005 Markus Raabe started the Project “Farriers beyond borders “.
“Farriers beyond borders” or “Equiwent” made the medical aid, all around horses and the

schooling of their owner, their buisness.
Our help goes out to Poland, Russia, Hungary Belgium,France and Mallorca.

2008 Projekt Equiwent

In the summer of 2008 the situation in East- Romania was checked by Markus Raabe.

The national print media told alot about it.

Markus Raabe had the Wish and the Goal to change the terrible

Situation in Rumania fundamentally. They started their own Organisation under the Leadership of Markus Raabe, Sandra Raabe and Tiffany Hild.

Nobody thought that the Project would grow in to such a huge Project in this short period of time.

Goals from/ of the Equiwent r. O.

1. Cause fighting

The Dedication of the social integration of the minority of the EU.

The Equiwent r.O is in touch with the government authority in Berlin and Brussels on demand the putting into action of the existing EU law for man and animal.

2. Active activity on the spot

Schooling of Romanian Farriers and Horse owners at shooing horses.

The medical aid and the daily care of the Horses, active long term help and care supply of the Horses on site.

This Help concerns the shooing as well the medical care of the horses, giving worm tabs, vaccination etc.

Removing the wire and chains (witch cause allot of damage) and replacing them with Halfter, Bridles and Bits happens through Equiwent in these Regions.

To have a long lasting effect we started with a “Goody system” for the Horse owners. Of course there is a medical care for every horse, but the Horse owners who treat their horses in a better way and show them in better conditions, get special “’Goody’s” like Horse equipment. That’s how we can fulfil the Bonus system. Those who come regularly to let their Horses treated and looked at, not only have the advantage of horseshoeing, medical treat or getting other things for free, when they need it. They also have healthier horses which can work and “last” longer. And that should motivate the other horse owner.


The working horses in East Europe and Romania

From the Beginning until the End of the Day the working horses pull huge carts packed with building materials and other things, – covered in wounds, which are caused through self made Horness and Bridles. Some Parts of it are made of out of chains and wire, which are not taken of for a long time and groan deep into the skin.

Bits are made out of bicycle chains and bucket handles, so they cause big wounds in their mouths.

Besides, these maltreated creatures neither get care or feeding from their owners.

In their free time the horses get tided up “hobbled” so they’re only able to move in small steps.

Actually, there is no Horse witch has no terrible injuries on their limbs. Open wounds, necrotic places, necrotic phlegmon, is their daily live. Under this pain they care for them selfs, looking for food in trash beside the road.

These Horses are very skinny, more like a skeleton, all though they have to do their work in front of the cart until they no longer can…. Until they die…

On top of the injuries, which come from work and bad living conditions, the lethargic, half dead horses get pushed trough mistreat, so they may work a few days longer, before they die.

In the Eyes of the people the animals are worth nothing. A true sight into, this terrible and cruel conditions of romania are just not possible to show in the right way, through reports or pictures.

Our Help

The Equiwent r.O is with its Team, Sponsors and promoting members, grown to a strong Partner for a thousand horses in need. The Team attained great words of encouragement around the Farrier Markus Raabe through this within the last few Years the organisation work is concluded in an honorary capacity by the executive board to a 100%

Our promoting members and our sponsors support our project through financially care. That finacial support made us able to build our clinic in Romania.

But the main problem is the failed social and cultural integration, of the Roma and Sinti, into broad Romanian population.

Our Clinic and Farrier team is grown to a stable partner for Horse owners who want to learn. On the spot the Team Equiwent treats wounds and other injuries. The ongoing trainings of the owners in professional dealing of the animals are an integral part of Equiwent r.O

The goal of Markus Raabe follows up a lasting concept, in which from the beginning the life situation of the Horses, concerned on the spot, should improve. Next to thousand of worm tabs and a huge amount of Halfter, Bridles, Bits, hoof care and medication, Equiwent offers every found horse free medical support.

Equiwent r.O ore Farriers beyond borders. r.O is known or heard nearly by every Horse owner in Germany.

Next to the normal media like Internet or print media the success of the “ Horse help- Romania has been filmed by german television RTL, NDR, ARD and ZDF. Which order of magnitude this international relief organization will achieve can’t be seen before. “But that lies in the hand of the long lasting promoters and donators” so Markus Raabe.

Please also help the working horses with a small donation.

Equiwent Organisation:

Bank: Sparkasse Münsterland Ost

IBAN: DE 41400 50150 0135 168045